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Minor to severe eye care for pets

At Ramsey Veterinary Hospital, we are here to offer you care for your pets’ eyes. Our veterinarians perform comprehensive eye exams and are able to test for multiple commonly treated diseases of the eye, including (but not limited to) cataracts, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, and ocular inflammation.

We are able to visualize the back of the eye and its associated structures using specialized equipment. 

If your pet is experiencing ocular issues we have a variety of diagnostic tools to help diagnose the condition affecting them. Routinely we will perform:

  • Schirmer Tear Test - this will help us to determine if your pet is producing an adequate amount of tears to keep their eyes lubricated. If they are not producing enough tears this can lead to other acute and/or chronic problems.
  • Flourescein Stain - this is a neon dye that allows us to see any defects or irregularities on the corneal suface (i.e. corneal ulcers) which can be painful and lead to severe ocular issues if left untreated. 
  • TonoVet - this checks your pets intraocular pressures. This can help to determine if your pet has increased or decreased pressures. 
    • An increase in intraocular pressures can be concerning for glaucoma or a mass or abscess behind the eye.
    • A decrease in intraocular pressures can be concerning for uveitis (inflammation within the eye). 

Call us at (201) 825-4545 if you think your pet needs an eye exam or is having ocular problems.

Pet Ophthalmology